Willoways Caravan and Motorhome Club 5 van Certificated Location

Hi there, my name is Tim, nice but not too dim...I think. My father ran a Caravan and Motorhome Club Certificated Location for many years on an adjacent field. When I took over I moved the site to a level area and installed electric hook-ups, each with 16 amps capacity, integral RCD safety cut-out and pre-pay card meters. You'll always find a couple of quid on the electric meter when you arrive so please make a note of how much there is, and that will be your starting point.  £5 cards can be bought from me or at the Farmhouse. Whatever electric credit you've bought and haven't used by the time you leave then I'll pay you back before you go. What about that? Willoways has a number of grass covered durable reinforced areas akin to hard standing which become apparent when perusing the site upon arrival. Access to Willoways is controlled via a combination padlock the number to which you will be given. A WC is provided, again with access controlled via a combination lock.

The site is about 1 acre in size and is adjacent to a beautiful 11 acre strip of fen and wetland. Visitors to the site can expect to be treated to an abundance of flora and wildlife from Muntjac deer to rabbits, squirrels and our sometimes noisy woodpecker (oddly enough named ‘Woody’). A great variety of butterflies are encouraged by the nurturing of our on-site Buddleia or ‘Butterfly Plants’. You could also expect to catch a glimpse of the Greater Tussock Sedge, what’s that I hear you say, is it a bird or a strange creature…er..no……it’s a grass, but a very nice one nevertheless.

Willoways is one Certificated Location of two at Mill Farm. Deodara is the other and details can be found at  www.deodara.co.uk  Entrances to each CL off Mill Road are 120 yards apart, Deodara being just south of Willoways. Children are permitted at Willoways although they are not permitted at Deodara.

Your canine family members are very welcome and are invited to explore the dog walk trail where they will find a wonderful assortment of scents left by foxes, deer, bunnies and the like. In line with Caravan Club policy your canine pal is required to be kept on a lead at all times and it would be great for everyone if you would remove and bin anything unpleasant they may leave behind them. Thanks.


You can get a good idea of what we have here by taking a look at these videos taken by a regular customer who is now a good friend.

Click here and here


Willoways is in the quaint Norfolk village of Burgh Castle just outside Great Yarmouth and a mere 25 minutes from the metropolis Norwich. There is pretty much one road that circles the village so were you to leave Willoways and turn either way then after about 3 miles you would (or should ) end up back at the site. On your way you would encounter the historical centrepiece of Burgh Castle namely The Roman Ruins. These are the ruins of a Roman fort built on a bank overlooking the river Waveney and Breydon Water part of the famous Norfolk Broads. Here you will be treated to glorious views as far as Acle, Reedham and Fritton. You may see to your left an inverted cone shape that is the water tower situated close to Beccles in Suffolk. If you fancy you may also wish to play ‘Spot the Seven Windmills’ from your vantage point amidst the ruins. To the left of the Ruins you'll find The Fisherman's Inn where you could partake in a beverage and good food. These places and more are linked by a riverside footpath taking you to Fritton or to Great Yarmouth. Those seeking seaside entertainment need look no further. Willoways is just 5 miles from The Golden Mile which is Great Yarmouth’s famous buzzing and flashing seaside strip which stretches for …..errm………a mile. Situated here amongst many attractions you will find The Pleasure Beach, one of the UK’s foremost amusement parks and Brittania and Wellington Piers where you could see shows with stars such as The Chuckle Brothers or The Crankies…….yes you really could!

If you crave peace and quiet however, The Broadlands will offer you countless beautiful and quaint places although you really need look no further than Willoways itself.

If you like fishing then why not try your skill at landing the infamous ‘Willoways Whopper’, a ghost carp of gargantuan proportions and samsonite strength, and an ugly beggar to boot. If he doesn’t want to play then no worries since at Willoways Water he cohabits with many common and mirror carp, tench, and elusive pure rudd. Access to Willoways Water is via a locked gate with a combination padlock the number to which you will be told on arrival. Children must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult of at least 21 years of age.

Barbed hooks, keep nets and boylies are not permitted. Unhooking mats are required. Thanks.


If fishing is not your bag then you may still explore and take a walk alongside Willoways Water and take a stroll through the Wild Garden Walk and maybe say hello to Daffy and Daphne, A particularly special feature of the Wild Garden are the Wild Orchids which you can see growing in glorious abundance towards the end of June and into July.


Your canine family members are very welcome and we have a dog walk with assorted wild animal scents that your little chum may find interesting. Along with Caravan and Motorhome Club policy we ask that dogs are kept on leads. Waste bins are provided for the little presents that your chum leaves behind them. Thanks.


Children must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult of at least 21 years

of age when on the Wild Garden Walk, around Willoways Water or anywhere at Mill Farm or it's

Caravan and Motorhome Club Certificated Locations.        Cheers ;-)